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The Power of Play

Play is a child's natural language:

it speaks the worries and feelings too confusing for words.

Where adults may speak about their worries and problems, children can express themselves through play long before they can articulate thoughts and feelings through the complexities of language.

Often they do not know the words to describe their internal world but are ready to share it with opportunities through play and creative arts.

Play builds trust, tells stories and takes us on brave adventures to wonderful places of safety, hope and happiness.

Therapy Toolkit

Children will have access to:

  • Table-top Figures for Small World Play

  • A Dolls House

  • Malleable Materials such as Clay, Playdough and Wet and Dry Sand

  • Sand Tray with Symbols

  • Puppets

  • Games

  • Musical Instruments

  • Arts and Crafts, Painting and Drawing

  • Dressing Up and Role Play

  • Creative Visualisation (Meditation)

  • Therapeutic Stories

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Relaxation and Embodiment 

In the Play Room, children will have access to a wide range of resources and their exploration will be non-directive initially, meaning that they have free reign to express themselves through whichever medium is most comfortable for them.


Once goals for therapeutic intervention and themes within the child's processing become clear, Lauren will use a more directive approach to support the child in addressing and resolving the issues of concern.




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