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Therapeutic Interventions

I work with primary and secondary aged children at Sunrise Wellbeing Therapy Centre in Anstey, at Apex House in Lutterworth and in local schools.


I work on a 1-to-1 basis with individuals and support groups in schools.

I  provide whole class input on topics such as anxiety, wellbeing and understanding emotions - please get in touch with your requirements so I can tailor a session to meet your school's needs.

What to expect when you get in touch.


Initial Contact

You can get in touch by submitting an enquiry on this page, emailing or calling. We will discuss your child's needs, options for timings of sessions and any initial questions you have. 


Parent Meeting

A 40-60 min consultation in which I would meet with you to discuss in detail your child's background history, their needs and the behaviours of concern. 


Therapy Sessions 

A programme of 40 min sessions, the number of which can be discussed and decided during our Parent Meeting (usually 12 sessions initially).


Review Meetings

Once the therapeutic journey is established, we will have another parent session in which we review progress (usually after 8 weeks) and decide if the planned programme of support can conclude at 12 sessions or should be extended to provide a greater duration of support. Feel free to always get in touch with any questions or comments in between meetings - your input is invaluable throughout your child's journey. 



If required, I can also write an End Report which is often helpful for school records to support children as they progress through in their education going forwards. An End Report outlines the therapeutic intervention (without compromising the child's confidentiality) and provides recommendations where relevant.

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